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The Best Man for the Job is a Woman

Female Lawyer Researching
Female Lawyer

When it comes to picking a lawyer, there is one good rule to follow if you are a man. A good friend mentioned this and I ran with it!

I believe men trying to win custody should have a female lawyer (see The Top 10 Things You Need to Know).¬† I know what some of you men are thinking… “thoughts” or “fantasies” more accurately about¬† a female lawyer and what could happen those late nights you are prepping for court. Well, that’s a different type of blog and not mine! No “Dear Penthouse” fantasies here. In REALITY-LAND, it really works to your advantage (it did for me) and accomplishes¬† a few things for you:

  1. It won’t look the “boys club” beating up on a defenseless woman. I know this seems sexist, but we live in reality. In reality, impression is everything!
  2. It gives you the appearance of having a woman believing in your ability to be a parent. Your lawyer may be single and childless, but she gives the impression that other moms approve of you being the parent.
  3. She will have a slightly better insight into the mind of your soon-to-be ex… a woman.
  4. You may find yourself opening up to her more easily. If you don’t… she will pull it out of you.
  5. It will keep inner “subconscious” sexist statements from coming out – even accidentally. Especially if the lawyer is an older “mom” type figure.

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