About The Single Dad

More appropriately, who is this guy trying to give me advice on parenting and on men’s custody issues

Jon is a single dad who has primary custody of his beautiful precious daughter since winning custody in a hard fought battle over 4 years ago.

Every day he fights the good fight and tries to encourage other dads to do the same. This blog is his way of reaching around his busy schedule and reaching out to a bigger audience.

Jon is not lawyer and never played one on television. Any advice you receive from here is purely from his own legal experiences, other single parents interviewed, books he read and websites he visited. Please do not use this website as a substitute for a lawyer or you will most surely get eaten up by the system. use this to keep your mind open, to think of questions for your lawyers and know what worked for a one man and others with the same thought processes!

P.S. He loves his little girl!

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