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Picture Day

School Picture DayIt’s picture day at school tomorrow! It’s a time honored tradition for my daughter of taking that school picture that will be a source of “how cute” for years to come. It’s also a time for ridicule and judgment for me from teachers and other moms alike. It seems that no matter what outfit or hairstyle my daughter and I choose won’t be good enough. The braids won’t be tight enough, the skirt or dress to long, too short, too red, too blue, too frilly or not enough frills. Apparently I don’t use the right kind/color of hairbands and hair clips.

I remember back one year when I really had to hold back my anger at another blatant shot at dad dressing his daughter. Someone (a teacher?) actually RE-DID my daughter’s hair without my permission! It was back when Chloe was in preschool. Apparently the nice demur style I chose wasn’t good enough. So, someone decided they would rescue the poor clueless single dad and do Chloe’s hair themselves. The result… well, it was one of the type of pictures I mentioned in the first paragraph. She’s cute, but not quite what I would like. Instead of sensible hair, it was a jumbled, piled up ghetto fabulous hair puff! in Preschool, the teachers would re-do my daughter’s hair after I sent her dressed up for picture day. Bet they’d change her clothes too if they could! Fortunately my daughter is cute enough to pull anything off.

Wait… now that I look at that picture, I don’t remember that outfit!

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