Men's Divorce Custody Tips

The Most Important Thing To Know About Custody Battles

This is a quick post, but probably the most important. This is the most important thing you will need to know if you are planing to fight for custody as a dad. Without it, you may win… but it may be a long hard and bloody battle with the judge’s decision hanging in the balance. With this one fact, you can feel confident that you will at the least have a fair fight on your hands.

If you think you can become a good dad if you could just get custody, forget it. You have to already be a dad – be THE dad.

What do I mean?

Too many people think they can decide to suddenly start being more dad-like when the divorce starts. However, in divorce cases, it seems that only the woman can be the one with the right to clean up their act. Men in court need a countless stack of proof that they were already the main parent- BEFORE the divorce started. There are many places this can come from. I’ll explain more about this in a later post.

The lesson today? If you are thinking about divorce, step up now and be a better dad if you’re not already. Even delay filing for divorce to get started with this if needed. It will help your case whether your goal is joint custody or full custody.

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