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Day at the Circus

Parenting is a Circus

My daughter and I got to go to the fabulous Ringling Brothers circus this past weekend. She had a great time as did I. However, something strange happened which I don’t know whether to attribute to television or my daughter’s mother. We had great seats, 10 rows from the floor, in the executive club level (read – quiet clean lobby and bathrooms with restaurant). Last year we were on the upper level. Was my daughter happy with the seats? No. she asked why we don’t have better seats because there were 10 rows in front of her!

I think maybe it has to do with the fact that her mom has her believing that I have lots of money. Her mom actually told my daughter that “when daddy tells you he doesn’t have money to buy something, he’s lying.”

What kind of thing is that to tell a child… and where is all this mystery money I have????

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