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Let’s Kill Deadbeat Dads

deadbeat dads

Okay… maybe not as harsh as the title (Inspired by the next upcoming episode of Dr. Who).  But this blog is about deadbeat dads and my feelings towards them. I hope I can write this without sounding all Steve Harvey-ish… but men, stand up and be men!

I have heard stories of dads who fight for custody and then change their mind on their schedule commitments because they are busy… at the expense of the kids. Don’t they realize that they are not just sticking it to the mother that they are sure will “cover” for them… they are also hurting the kids.

I feel sad for all the kids who are being lied to on a regular basis by either the deadbeat dad or the mom covering for his absence.

I feel sad for the kids eating low quality food and living in a run down apartment while their absent father is living in luxury or spending what little money he has on making sure he is having fun.

I feel sad for the kids who have dads that never show up for school events or soccer games.

I feel even sorrier for the kids who know their dad is a loser.

So yes… lets kill deadbeat dads. I know that’s illegal, so we don’t actually kill them. We just need to kill the concept of the deadbeat dad. We good fathers need to stand up and turn the tide. We need to make dads involved again

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