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Yes, This is My First Posting

dad with custody
Hello! From Divorced Dad

Welcome to my very first post. I’m not really sure exactly what this blog will be about. It will probably be a mixture of my opinions, some advice and little bit of exasperation…. all of the things that come from being a single dad. Actually, there will be a whole lot on this blog for dads – including advice and resources for helping men fight for custody of their own children.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am the proud custodial father of a 6 year old precious little girl. I fought hard and long to ensure my daughter would have the best life possible.  Along the way, I ran into skeptics, a sexist court system, sexist lawyers, many friends and one very pissed off woman in a bar, but that’s another story for later.

As for my daughter, for her protection, I won’t ever mention her real name… we’ll call her Chloe for the sake of this blog. You’ll find I’m very protective of her. it’s also a big reason I was awarded primary custody. Her mom isn’t a drug addict or a hooker or anything like that, I was just ruled the better choice after an exhaustive and expensive battle. We’ll call me Jon as well.  Greetings to all of you just starting here and greetings to those who fill find this story archived later.

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