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Even Test Tubes Take Two

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I figure this is my blog, so I can feel free to bitch and complain occasionally.

Don’t worry, it’s not about my ex. It’s all about the one thing some people say that will instantly put them on my bad side. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date, stranger or a friend. To me it shows that they just will never be on the same page with me.

I guess I should mention what that phrase is. I just know there’s going to be trouble when a person (mostly women) say something along the lines of, “the natural place for a child is with their mother.”

They say it in different ways but all mean the same thing. What they are getting at is insinuating that I “stole” my daughter from her “poor” mother. For some, they think that mom must have “given her away”.

I’m sorry, but the best place for any child is where they will be the safest, healthiest and happiest; be it mom or dad period. A child always will have two parents. Last I saw, sex takes two. Even test tubes take two people. No one has a presumed right or ownership of a child based on their gender. No one owns a child period. To claim ownership of a child is actually a bit sick in my opinion.

I will grant that there is frequently a natural stronger bond between mother and child, but that is based on a combination of nursing and a household where mom does most of the care while dad works. That is far from a natural right. That type of bonding is due to nurture and not nature.

So before you argue with me on this. Put some thought into it. I welcome your comments

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