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How Did I Never Know About Estate Sales?

So at any point in your life, you find yourself in need of furniture and household items. What if I told you that you could combine that need with a hobby better than wildflower seeds. I wish someone had told me about professional estate sales. These are gold compared to garage sales!

I know that garage sales have pretty cool stuff. You sometimes find treasures and everything you need for pennies on the dollar. I got great $100 bike helmet for $3 and they threw in the cool cycling glasses that went with it.

And yes, I snagged a few bad artwork pieces and other items too.

The items you will find at estate sales are in a whole other class. Especially here in Atlanta, estate liquidation sales are an event.

What’s the big difference?

You see, garage sales are full of people selling things that they no longer want versus estate sales which have people selling things they did want. Their estates are full of a lot of stuff because the person who owns the estate thought they would keep these things rather than liquidate them.

The biggest risk you will run into at an estate sale (versus a garage sale) is that the person running the estate sale is generally overpricing, was told by the estate holder values of an object or has misidentified a lot of things. So, be prepared to use your phone to prove your case as to why something should be cheaper if they won’t bend.

I picked up a sweet bass guitar for $60. I would have loved to buy more but there’s always next week and new treasure.